Research & Development

The K-Digitale project stems from the awareness that only by combining and integrating the skills and the expertise of companies and professionals in Consulting, Marketing, IT and IoT, it is possible to respond in a concrete and measurable way to the needs of digital transformation shown by companies and cities.

In this context, the research and development projects carried out within the Digital Thought Laboratory are managed to create high-tech digital solutions and operational platforms to support new business models.

Research & Development Projects

"MAKE – IOT – BETTER Supporting Emerging Digital Eco-System and Ubiquitous Computation Services"

POR FESR 2014 - 2020 Asse I azione 1.3.1.“Avviso a sostegno delle nuove PMI innovative 2016

Innovative IOT solutions for the optimization and redefinition of business processes and business models for greater competitiveness and profitability of companies.


Advanced digital platform that allows the complete provisioning of remote services.



Digital platform to aggregate, manage, publish and view video on demand and in streaming.


"REACT – REsilience and Adaptive CapaciTy in agriculture "

POR FESR 2014 - 2020 Research, technological development and innovation. Support for projects developed by aggregations of enterprises. 


The creation of an innovative platform that, thanks to the collection and smart exploitation of data from multiple sources, improves the efficiency of agricultural practices and makes them more sustainable.