Company data

Company name: K-DIGITALE

Legal Status: Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Date of establishment: June 9, 2016

Place of establishment: Perugia, at the Notary's Office MARCO CARBONARI, located in Via Mario Angeloni 57.

Vat number: IT03515810541

REA number: PG - 294824

Share capital: Euros 60.000,00

Registered office: Perugia, Via Pontani 33


The company has as its object the production of software, IT consultancy and related activities such as, by way of example:


  • the creation and sale of applications, technological tools, hardware devices aimed at the development and management of innovative digital environments [...] 
  • the creation, management and sale of multi-sided digital platforms, in all their forms, which facilitate interaction between two or more distinct but interdependent user groups;
  • the creation, management and sale of digital solutions in all their forms including, but not limited to: implementation of Machine Learning technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), Predictive Analysis, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Neural Networks, Data Mining, Big Data, Reverse Engineering, Clustering, Innovative Data Transmission Networks;
  • business organization, analysis and planning of procedures and / or business models for the creation and management of digital companies, industry 4.0 and smart cities and rural areas.